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advice, clothing, fashion, lifestyle Having More Confidence in Your Personal Style February 20, 2018

We all have fashion fears that hold us back from fully expressing ourselves in fear of what the outside world might think.  Indeed, we often feel shy or at least reluctant to truly stand out from the crowd in terms of our outfits, yet there are two fundamental principles that mean you can have more confidence in your personal style no matter what you’re wearing or what situation you find yourself in.

Before we get into these two principles, let’s take a look at confidence for a moment.  Have you ever noticed what happens when you haven’t seen a friend for a while and she’s suddenly lost weight or is now wearing trendy clothes with Michael Kors accessories – it’s like she’s a different person.  Making these superficial changes can can completely change the way we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us.

Confidence is like a snowball, in that, the more confidence you have the more confident you become, and whilst confidence is something internal, dressing well is like wrapping up a precious gift… the most important thing is the gift that’s inside, not how it’s packaged, but does the packaging affect the way people view and respond to the gift that’s inside?  You bet.

Therefore, it’s important we come across well – but what’s more important is that we are comfortable and confident in our own personal style; and there are two core areas that you want to look at in this realm; the first it to pick clothes that express your unique personality in the sense they are focused on your own personal tastes, and secondly, ensure you are dressed in a way that allows you to relax and be comfortable in your environment.

Focus on Your Own Tastes

Try not to be swept up with current fashion trends as these are ever changing and subject to the opinion of the masses – rather than your own personal opinion.  Make sure you choose clothes that you, personally, love.  Don’t rely on someone else’s opinion.  Have an opinion of your own and flesh out your wardrobe on the basis of what you like.  Agreed, you might want to get a second opinion particularly if you’re prone to fashion nightmares but the fundamental principle of wearing what you want.  

Relax and be Comfortable

You don’t want to feel uptight about what you’re wearing.  Imagine, going to the gym, and knowing that your t-shirt is a little too small so that when you put your hands above your head, the base of the t-shirt rises, revealing your stomach.  The key point is that you want to feel relaxed and comfortable in what you’re wearing – try to avoid clothes that might be super fashionable but make it hard to move or just make you feel uncomfortable.

Dress in a way that expresses who you are according to your tastes (rather than following the latest fashion trends) and make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable enough to allow you to relax and be the person you truly are. Don’t let others influence how you dress – some of us might feel more comfortable in sweats and a t-shirt where some of us might feel more comfortable and confident in a bodycon dress and heels.

I hope you enjoyed the post! What’s your tip for rocking your personal style?

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

cruelty free, cruelty free on a budget, review, skincare Nolaskinsentials Review * February 8, 2018

Hey my loves! It’s been a while since I did a beauty related review/haul, so I’m so happy that I finally have some time today to write this post about some goodies I got from Nolaskinsentials a while ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been raving about some of these products from Nolaskinsentials and how I’ve incorporated them into my skin care regimen.

Birth control has totally changed my skin, so I’ve been breaking out a lot more and my skin has become oily. I know that there’s not much you can do about hormonal acne but these products have helped to clear up my breakouts quicker.

Nolaskinsentials is a small business located in New York. Everything is handcrafted, plant-based (hell yes!) and affordable.

Clarifying Face Wash – $18

This is my fave face wash at the moment! My skin feels SO clean after using it and I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my skin when using it. It’s ingredients cleanse your skin of excess sebum, bacteria and dirt without stripping your skin of it’s natural oils and moisture (which is a problem I’ve had with past cleansers targeted for acne). This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and I love that it’s a foam. Can’t recommend it enough! They also have a glycolic cleanser for blackheads and enlarged pores if you don’t need something that targets zits. (Check our their other cleansers here!)

Green Tea Antioxidant Face Mask – $15

I’m a mask junkie. I love using them to unwind and of course, to help out my skin! This mask is awesome. It made my skin feel so soft and smooth and my pores looked so much better the next morning. I like that it helped to absorb my excess oil and reduce my redness. A little bit goes a long way, so this jar will last you a while (a total plus).

Glycolic Night Creme – $17

If you’ve been here for a while, you probably remember my past reviews of glycolic products (especially the Nip & Fab exfoliating pads) and how much I love them! Glycolic acid is awesome for skincare products because it gently exfoliates to reveal glowing, smooth skin. Exfoliating is also good to help reduce the appearance of acne scars or dark spots. I’ve been using this after I tone my face with their Witches Brew Toner and before I apply moisturizer or an oil. So far, I’m loving the results!

Iconic Elixir – $21

Unfortunately, I’m a picker. If I have a zit or a spot on my face, I just can’t help but pick at it which is terrible, I know. Because of this, I’ve been getting some scarring (which is a total duh moment Rae). Oils are super beneficial when it comes to scars which is why I was super stoked to try out the Iconic Elixir. It’s full of natural oils that won’t clog your pores and will help to reduce the appearance of acne scars + control your oil production. I was kind of skeptical at first to put an oil on my face, but I’m so glad I tried it out because it has made a difference in my skin. I use this after cleansing my face with the clarifying face wash and after I spritz on the toner water. It absorbs so quickly and won’t leave you feeling icky. I definitely recommend the Iconic Elixir if you’re looking for something to control oil!

Witches Brew Toner – $15

This toner is my absolute favorite. I’m still a lover of the Tea Tree Water from Lush, but I feel like it wasn’t incredibly effective – it works, but not as well as the Witches Brew Toner! This toner water is specially formulated for oily + acne prone skin, however, they do have other toners for different skin types. I used this after cleansing and do two sprays all over my face, avoiding the eye area, I follow it with some of the iconic elixir to further help my skin. I will definitely be repurchasing this because I love it so much!

Overall, I’m so happy that Nolaskinsentials reached out to me! I’m so glad I was able to try out these products because they are so amazing and I love the brand (Follow them on Instagram, their stories are the bomb). I hope this review helped you out and that you’ll pick up some of their products because they are so worth it (and supporting small businesses is oh so important!)

I hope you enjoyed the post! Do you see anything that you want to try? Let me know!

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Disclaimer: Yes, these products were sent to me to review on behalf of Nolaskinsentials, but sponsorships/items sent to me do not alter my opinion in any way. I’m here to help you (my readers) to find new products that you may have never heard about. I am all for giving 100% reviews, whether I’m paid for the review, sent the item or I purchase it myself. Just something to keep in mind for my past/future reviews.