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Thrive Market Haul + Review


Hey my loves! Finally, a beauty related post I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. I’ve been seeing ads for Thrive Market a lot lately and decided that I would try it out for myself since they have a pretty damn good selection of products, including food, cleaning products, beauty products and more. It’s basically a one stop shop for everything you need and you can filter the results you get by only gluten free items or only cruelty free items (+ more categories)! I find that super helpful, especially when I want to try out new products from cruelty free brands.

So, about Thrive Market. It is a paid yearly subscription service, BUT it’s worth it. Just like having Amazon Prime is worth it!ย It’s $60 a year and with each paid subscription they’re able to giveย low-income families a membership so they can make cheaper and healthier choices. You can get 25% off your first purchase and a 30-day FREE trial of the service here.

Alright, now onto the goodies I got!

I picked up 4 things for a total of $25. I found a coupon code for $10 + free shipping – so make sure you download Honey to find you the best coupon codes!

Derma E Very Clear Moisturizing Cream $11.95 w/ coupon (regularly $19.50)

So I’m still having trouble keeping my acne at bay lately, damn you birth control. I guess I can’t really do much about it since it is hormonal but I thought I would try out a new moisturizer and this one happens to be targeted for oily/acne prone skin. It doesn’t dry me out, which I was worried about but it does smell like tea tree oil, so if you don’t like that, you won’t like this. I haven’t met a Derma E product that I haven’t liked yet! 10/10, do recommend.

Derma E Very Clear Acne Cleanserย  $9.45 (regularly $15.50)

There is a theme here with this order lol. I also grabbed the Derma E acne cleanser to help out my skin as well. I use this in the shower when I wash my face and I use it on one of those rubber scrubbies. It feels really good on the skin but does have that tea tree oil smell. It not only helps with reducing irritation, it also acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial face wash to help kill the breakouts before they happen! Surprisingly, this doesn’t dry my skin out either. I mean my skin type has definitely changed, I’m more oily/normal now when before I was extremely dry. It’s crazy how hormones can change your skin, right?! Anyways, again another 10/10, do recommend! I literally love Derma E so much.

Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stickย $5.95 (regularly $9.99)

I was a fan of the ELF acne fighting gel for $3, but lately I felt like it wasn’t entirely effective for me anymore so I decided to get this bad boy. The ingredients are similar, but this one has witch hazel and tea tree oil as the first ingredients and in the ELF one they’re kind of scattered. SO, I think this one is definitely more effective. It’s super concentrated and helps to dry out my spots, another item that I liked from this haul! I would recommend this if you want a cruelty free spot treatment that’s invisible ๐Ÿ™‚ (besides the smell, haha).

Thrive Market Vanilla Mint Lip Balmย $6.95 (regularly $14.99)

I’m always running out of lip balms and I know for sure that I am not the only one. 4 lip balms for $7? Heck yeah. Maybe that isn’t a good deal, but for me it is since I obviously want to use products that are cruelty free and if I’m out and about, I don’t want to buy a $2 lip balm that isn’t cruelty free, y’know? I’m not even sure if I’m making any sense, but maybe you’ll understand how I feel. Plus, most cruelty free lip balms (ex: Hurraw! are my fave but are almost $5 for one :/) are over $2 a piece, so I figured this would be a good value. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right – who knows!

Anyways! That’s the end of this haul, check out this cute lil stop motion I made on Instagram!

BTW, are you following me on Insta? If not, you can check it out hereย and I would love if you followed me.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Have you used Thrive Market before? Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

Disclaimer: These products were bought with my own money and all opinions are my own. I will be paying for my own annual subscription and I am not being paid to make this post. The links for products are NOT affiliate links but the link for your first Thrive order is (so if you click it and start an order/membership I will receive commission off of that – if you’re not comfortable with that, then you don’t have to click it!)

May 25, 2017

Nip + Fab Review *


Hey my loves! I hope you’re doing fantastic. Today I have a special post for you about Nip + Fab! I’ve done a review on some of their products in the past, which you can read here. Nip + Fab is cruelty free, affordable and available at Ulta or CVS (plus on their website!)

Nip + Fab has makeup, skincare, bodycare and even products formulated for the gents.

Glycolic Fix Night Pads // $15

I’m a huge fan of the daily glycolic fix pads, so when I saw that they had a night version too I was super excited! Formulated with glycolic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid -these exfoliating facial pads will refine your pores, brighten your complexion, and decongest your skin. These pads seriously pack a punch! I have sensitive skin, so I only use them once a week but I’ve noticed a difference in my skin – it’s smoother and looks clearer. They don’t burn or irritate my skin, which I was worried about. I was also worried that they would dry my skin out too much, but they don’t. I do recommend them if you want to incorporate something new into your skincare routine. They’re affordable and effective!

Glycolic Cleansing Fix // $8

When I first saw this I thought it was a toner, but it’s actually a cleanser. It has glycolic acid in it to retexture and resurface the skin while the olive oil in it hydrates and smooths your skin. I use it after I get out of the shower,ย while my skin is still damp. I really focus on my problem areas (my chin and around my mouth) to make sure that I get all of the gunk out of my pores. This has really helped with my hormonal acne and I do recommend! P.s. A little goes a long way ๐Ÿ™‚

Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot // $20

This is a highly concentrated serum that will resurface your skin, reduce the appearance of pigmentation, and will stimulate cell renewal so you’ll look younger and feel better about yourself! I’m happy to say that I’ve incorporated this into my daily routine, I apply it in the morning before moisturizer and it gives me such a nice glow.

Post-Glycolic Fix Moisturizer // $19

This moisturizer is a must-have for me! It’s the last step for my morning glycolic skincare routine. Not only does it have SPF in it to save your skin from harmful UV rays, it also has ingredients to calm + soothe your skin plus it also helps to control oil-buildup throughout the day! It smells great, feels great and my skin loves it. I’m sure yours will too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall – Nip + Fab is an amazing skincare brand that’s surely becoming my favorite. I can’t wait to try out some of the their other products.

Have you tried anything from Nip + Fab? Let me know if you have or if you want to! ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae


Disclaimer: Yes, these products were sent to me to review, but sponsorships/items sent to me do not alter my opinion in anyway. Iโ€™m here to help you (my readers) to find new products that you may have never heard about. I am all about giving 100% reviews, whether Iโ€™m paid for the review, sent the item or I purchase it myself. Just something to keep in mind for my past/future reviews. I am not being paid for this post. Thank you Collectively for the opportunity!

This post does not contain affiliate links.

April 21, 2017

Love Goodly April/May 2017 Unboxing


Hello my loves! You know how much I love getting the Love Goodly boxes every other month, but unfortunately – I need to stop my subscription because I’m getting an apartment and money will be tight, but also because I have SO much stuff that I don’t know what to do with! I’m a hoarder, so I have a ton of stuff and I never really get the chance to fully use it all. Maybe at a later date I’ll resubscribe (since I really did enjoy this box!) But anyways…let’s get into the goods.

100% Pure is an amazing brand! I love their foundation and primer and I’ve been wanting to try their other products. This is the maracuja oil mascara in black which is colored by black tea. It’s full of natural, nourishing ingredients so your lashes will look ahhhmazing with or without the mascara! This retails for $25, so that’s pretty much the cost of the sub box.

Next up is this Vitamin C body polish from One Love Organics. I loooove body scrubs since I have such dry skin and they just make me feel refreshed, y’know? I can’t wait to try this bad boy out on my problem areas, since they claim that it will give you supremely soft, luminous skin. (I’ll keep you updated, hopefully lol) I also love the packaging! This retails for $48, so we’re already over the price of the box! They have a rewards program on their site, which is really cool. There’s nothing better than getting rewarded for spending your money, right?! Sign up here and get a $5 coupon.

I’ve never used a Konjac sponge before, but I’ve always wanted to try one. I love that they’re biodegradable and chemical free. It looks like using this sponge has incredible benefits, according to their website. I’m not exactly sure how to use it, but they say to soak it then just use like a regular sponge? I’ll let you know how it goes – maybe I’ll be forever changed!

Last, but definitely not least! These are eye masks from 100% Pureย that I’m super excited about. Rhian HYย always talks about them on YouTube and she’s my favorite, so whatever she says, goes. I have really dark circles under my eyes sometimes, because of how fair I am so I really think these will come in handy! I like how they sell singles or you can buy them in a pack.

So, that’s everything in this Love Goodly box! I really enjoyed getting these and I really did enjoy the products I received in past boxes. I hope you liked the unboxing posts!

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I purchased this subscription box with my own money and I am not being paid for making this post. All opinions are 100% honest and 100% my own.

April 14, 2017

Anti-Haul #1: What I’m Not Gonna Buy


I love watching these videos by Kimberly Clark and some other YouTubers have begun to make their own anti-haul videos! I find them really informative and they give you some ideas that you may not have thought about when you’re looking intoย buying that palette that was just released. Want to to know what’s new in the cruelty free beauty world and why I’m NOT going to buy it? Then keep on reading!

Too Faced // Natural Love Collection

Too Faced is a great brand, although it is disappointing that they sold out to Estee Lauder. I do still support companies who are cruelty free that have parent companies, but I know that those who don’t are disappointed that Too Faced would take money over their ethical values. Anyways, I’m not buying anything from their Natural Love collection. Too Faced has been known for numerous inconsistencies with their eyeshadows, especially in their previous holiday palettes, which is upsetting since their original palettes (boudoir eyes, natural matte, etc) are good quality. Not to mention – how many damn neutral palettes will a brand release? Too Faced has TONS and it’s disappointing to see their previous shades just repackaged, basically just put into new rows and columns. As for the highlights in this collection, I’m not going to buy them either. I’ve heard that they’re chunky and just aren’t anything special (not to mention the price!) I would definitely pass on this collection, I’m sure you have shadows that are similar to this and highlights too. It’s just not worth it! Save your money.

Tarte // Unicorn Brushes / Magical Collection

Tarte is a favorite of mine, but I’m disappointed. I feel like they just hop on the bandwagon of trendy things and create their own versions, totally ripping off the indie brands who made them first. Yeah, the unicorn brushes are cute, but they’re just not something I’ll be adding to my collection. The only new release from them that I was excited about was their deodorant – other than that, it’s the same issue with Too Faced. Same shades, just repackaged. I also feel like Tarte and Too Faced are just pumping out new collections and aren’t even thinking twice about them or testing the quality of them.

Colourpop // Spring Releases

Colourpop is definitely one of my favorite brands for lipsticks and highlighters. They’re affordable and have good quality products, buuuuuut I feel like they just come out with ‘new’ collections way too often. Their new spring bundles just aren’t really exciting, since I feel like it’s stuff we’ve seen before. The lip bundles are cool if you want to try out their different formulas, but for me, it’s a no to these new releases. I just have way too many lipsticks right now, so I don’t need anymore. What I would like to see though is more of their new face duos, preferably with a matte bronzer shade for my pale babes and me.

What’s something that’s super hyped that you’re not going to buy? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed the post & thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

March 31, 2017

Ulta Beauty Haul March 2017


If you’ve been here for a while, you know how much I love Ulta and the fact that their in-house brand is cruelty free. I was able to FINALLY go to an Ulta store and check it out – I seriously loved it! It was like heaven for me. There isn’t an Ulta near me, so it was a treat while I was out with my mom and sister. I picked up some goodies from Ulta and thought I would share with you what I got ๐Ÿ™‚

I was so stoked when I saw these because I’ve been wanting to try out some sort of shower tabs. These were $7.50 for 4 in a pack and I really like them! They also have them in lavender but I chose to get them in eucalyptus and sage since I love minty, fresh scents. I just put it on the shower floor away from the stream of water and I really liked it! It uplifted my mood and I felt like I could breathe easier.

I haven’t tried any makeup from Ulta’s brand but I saw this gorgeous matte palette and had to grab it. I definitely do have a lot of neutral eyeshadows, but some aren’t matte and aren’t the right color for me. I like how this palette has really light colors and some dark ones – it’s a good mix of cool and warm too.

Here’s some horrid swatches of the palette, they are pigmented butย kind of chunky in the lighter shades. I’ll have to use them on a brush and see if they blend well, since in the swatches they look a little patchy. This palette is $20, which is a decent price, but I wish it was a little less. I’ll have to really try it out on the eyes first then I’ll let you know if it’s worth it!

I love eyeliner pens! The ones I have right now are starting to dry up so I needed to grab a new one. This was $9 which is an okay price for an eyeliner but it seems pretty pigmented and the tip is nice so I’m excited to use this one.

I like how the line isn’t patchy! That’s one of my biggest pet peeves with liquid eyeliner pens, they apply patchy or the tip rubs off some of the eyeliner you already applied.

So now you’re probably wondering what came in that faux snakeskin bag…well!

This bag was free since I had purchased over a certain amountย of Ulta products (I’m sorry – I can’t remember what amount that was). It’s a 11 piece set, plus the bag. It came with a mascara, brow mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow primer, eye makeup remover pads, cheek/highlight palette, eyeshadow palette, sharpener, a brush, a lip gloss and matte lipstick.

This palette has some interesting colors in it, I like the mix of mattes and shimmers. I don’t know if I would ever wear the blue, but it might be a pretty eyeliner color!

Here are swatches of Nostalgia and Seaside.

I love how handy this palette it is! It’s super easy to just toss into your bag if you’re in a rush and need to leave, but aren’t quite ready yet. It has a pretty pale pink highlight and a nice nude blush. I don’t have swatches of these, but they are really nice colors!

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with Ulta’s in-house brand. They have a nice selection of products, at reasonable prices and quality. I can’t wait to use these and maybe do a little picture tutorial post, if you’re interested? Let me know!

Have you used Ulta’s products before? Do you like them? ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

March 27, 2017