cruelty free, cruelty free on a budget, review, skincare Nolaskinsentials Review * February 8, 2018

Hey my loves! It’s been a while since I did a beauty related review/haul, so I’m so happy that I finally have some time today to write this post about some goodies I got from Nolaskinsentials a while ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been raving about some of these products from Nolaskinsentials and how I’ve incorporated them into my skin care regimen.

Birth control has totally changed my skin, so I’ve been breaking out a lot more and my skin has become oily. I know that there’s not much you can do about hormonal acne but these products have helped to clear up my breakouts quicker.

Nolaskinsentials is a small business located in New York. Everything is handcrafted, plant-based (hell yes!) and affordable.

Clarifying Face Wash – $18

This is my fave face wash at the moment! My skin feels SO clean after using it and I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my skin when using it. It’s ingredients cleanse your skin of excess sebum, bacteria and dirt without stripping your skin of it’s natural oils and moisture (which is a problem I’ve had with past cleansers targeted for acne). This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and I love that it’s a foam. Can’t recommend it enough! They also have a glycolic cleanser for blackheads and enlarged pores if you don’t need something that targets zits. (Check our their other cleansers here!)

Green Tea Antioxidant Face Mask – $15

I’m a mask junkie. I love using them to unwind and of course, to help out my skin! This mask is awesome. It made my skin feel so soft and smooth and my pores looked so much better the next morning. I like that it helped to absorb my excess oil and reduce my redness. A little bit goes a long way, so this jar will last you a while (a total plus).

Glycolic Night Creme – $17

If you’ve been here for a while, you probably remember my past reviews of glycolic products (especially the Nip & Fab exfoliating pads) and how much I love them! Glycolic acid is awesome for skincare products because it gently exfoliates to reveal glowing, smooth skin. Exfoliating is also good to help reduce the appearance of acne scars or dark spots. I’ve been using this after I tone my face with their Witches Brew Toner and before I apply moisturizer or an oil. So far, I’m loving the results!

Iconic Elixir – $21

Unfortunately, I’m a picker. If I have a zit or a spot on my face, I just can’t help but pick at it which is terrible, I know. Because of this, I’ve been getting some scarring (which is a total duh moment Rae). Oils are super beneficial when it comes to scars which is why I was super stoked to try out the Iconic Elixir. It’s full of natural oils that won’t clog your pores and will help to reduce the appearance of acne scars + control your oil production. I was kind of skeptical at first to put an oil on my face, but I’m so glad I tried it out because it has made a difference in my skin. I use this after cleansing my face with the clarifying face wash and after I spritz on the toner water. It absorbs so quickly and won’t leave you feeling icky. I definitely recommend the Iconic Elixir if you’re looking for something to control oil!

Witches Brew Toner – $15

This toner is my absolute favorite. I’m still a lover of the Tea Tree Water from Lush, but I feel like it wasn’t incredibly effective – it works, but not as well as the Witches Brew Toner! This toner water is specially formulated for oily + acne prone skin, however, they do have other toners for different skin types. I used this after cleansing and do two sprays all over my face, avoiding the eye area, I follow it with some of the iconic elixir to further help my skin. I will definitely be repurchasing this because I love it so much!

Overall, I’m so happy that Nolaskinsentials reached out to me! I’m so glad I was able to try out these products because they are so amazing and I love the brand (Follow them on Instagram, their stories are the bomb). I hope this review helped you out and that you’ll pick up some of their products because they are so worth it (and supporting small businesses is oh so important!)

I hope you enjoyed the post! Do you see anything that you want to try? Let me know!

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Disclaimer: Yes, these products were sent to me to review on behalf of Nolaskinsentials, but sponsorships/items sent to me do not alter my opinion in any way. I’m here to help you (my readers) to find new products that you may have never heard about. I am all for giving 100% reviews, whether I’m paid for the review, sent the item or I purchase it myself. Just something to keep in mind for my past/future reviews.

advice, college Learning to Let Go February 5, 2018

One of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety for a lot of people is the sense that their life is somehow spiraling out of their control. One of the hardest things in the world is trying to come to terms with the fact that you may not have as much control over things in your life as you thought but if you can’t come to terms with it then you’re going to end up struggling a lot more in life than you really need to. The truth is that, however hard it might be, one of the very best things in life that you can learn is how to let go and avoid trying to control everything in your life. That can be a real challenge though, so here are just a few ways that you can go about doing just that.

Accept what you can’t change

There are going to be some things in life that you just can’t change. Whether it’s things that happen because of circumstances that you could never have predicted or simply because of the unstoppable march of time, trying to fight against the kinds of things is pointless and is just going to leave you feeling miserable and frustrated. By learning to accept the things that you can’t change with grace and understanding, then you’re going to find that your life becomes a whole lot easier.

Look to the stars

Now, whether you believe in things like the zodiac and astrology and all that stuff is kind of irrelevant here. The truth is that just having something that can help you choose which direction to go in when you feel as though you don’t have any can be a really great way to simplify your life. Places like AstroStyle aren’t going to tell you what to do with your life. But being able to narrow down your options and have at least some kind of guiding principles behind your actions can make those difficult situations in life a whole lot easier than they would otherwise be.    

Pick your battles

Then again, you are sometimes going to have to try and take control over the things that happen in your life. If that’s the case, then you will sometimes have to struggle against the odds and take what it is that you want out of life. This can be a great thing and can offer you the chance to guide your life in the right direction. However, trying to do it at every moment is just going to cause you to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Think about which parts of your life are worth fighting over and which are worth relinquishing control of, and do your best to figure out which is which.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should throw up your hands and decide that you no longer have to take any responsibility for your own life, far from it. The truth is that your life is your own and no one else’s and you need to be able to guide it in the right direction as much as you can. However, if you spend your time lamenting the fact that you’re not always in control, you’re just going to make yourself miserable.

I hope you enjoyed the post! What’s something that you’ve had to let go of recently? Let me know!

Thanks so much for reading, as alway <3

cruelty free Can’t Get Your Look Right? You Might Be Using The Wrong Products January 26, 2018

Looking good is something that’s usually pretty high on most people’s list of priorities. Now, there’s certainly a conversation to be had about the level of importance that society places on people’s, particularly women’s, value in relation to the way that they look. But it’s pretty much impossible to deny that people like looking good and want to be able to do just that. Of course, no matter what advertising might try to tell you, that can often be a lot easier said than done. People assume that if they get enough products they can look their best all of the time no matter what. Well, the truth is that that’s simply not the case. The key is to make sure that you’re using the right products. With that in mind, here are some ways in which you might be using the wrong products to achieve your perfect look.

Not matching your skin tone

We’ve all had those moments where you see someone wearing makeup, and there’s a really obvious difference in color between their face and their neck. The reality is that, if you’re not able to find makeup that matches your skin tone then you’re never going to be able to achieve the look that you want. If you have darker skin then that’s historically been pretty difficult (look at the recent Tarte debacle!) Luckily there are brands like Fenty Beauty out there that cater to far more different shades than other products and Fenty Beauty is cruelty free!

Using products that don’t suit your hair type

Most people tend to assume that all shampoos and conditioners do the same thing but that’s not the case. Depending on your hair type, different products are going to have seriously different effects. If your hair is generally normal or greasy, then products designed for dry hair are going to be a serious problem for you. Similarly, if you have thin hair, then you might not be able to get the kind of volume that you really want with standard products. Check out to see the kinds of options available for you. No matter what type of hair you have, there is almost certainly a product out there that can help you manage it and leave it looking fantastic.

Using the wrong equipment

It can often feel as though there are so many brushes, blenders, and wands that it’s impossible to keep track of what does what! However, if you’re using different brushes for the wrong purpose, then they’re never going to be as effective as they should. Make sure that you do your research when it comes to figuring out the equipment that you need to actually apply the products that you buy.

Of course, this isn’t to say that there are right and wrong products in general, simply that it’s possible to choose products that are wrong for you, or for the look that you’re trying to achieve. A lot of the time figuring these things out will be a bit trial and error, but there are also plenty of blogs and websites that can help you find the right products for you.

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3